Bodecii Film creates original, dramatized, branded films and commercial content, providing a compelling, emotive and entertaining experience for the viewer. We believe that every organisation has a story to tell. We take your unique story and express it in a creative and cinematic way that resonates with established customers and attracts new ones. We Tell Our Story Bodecii Film develops and produces original and indigenous film and television. television. How do companies win consumers’ attention in a swiftly-changing technological landscape? How do they compete in an age of information and advertising overload? Social media video content receives 1200% more shares than text and images. Incorporating video content into online marketing is key to success. 62% of consumers respond negatively to brands that use poor quality video. Bodecii Film uses cinematic values to promote your brand and message. Our films tell your story in a compelling way. We work directly with forward-thinking clients to conceptualise and execute high-end original brand films tailored to you and your target customers’ ideas and requirements.

Laura Way

We integrate your creative input with our own expertise, from conception to realisation, using professional casts and crews to engage audiences with inspiring short films and commercials produced to your platform specifications, be they TV broadcasts, online marketing, advertising or viral campaigns. Online content is consumed now more than ever. Viewers are far more likely to engage with branded film if they find it compelling and entertaining. Bodecii Film utilises experienced industry professionals and creative talent at every stage of development: from concept to pre-production, principle photography, postproduction and delivery. The current industry metric is ‘audience retention’, but we’re also filmmakers and storytellers. We believe in the power of narrative to resonate with shared human experience. We all love good stories. They engage our emotions and our memories. We offer you a chance to truly connect with your audience. We create narratives that capture the essence of your company and your community. We don’t believe in prime-time saturation or six-second ‘unskippable’ pre-rolls. We believe in quality.